When we got back to civilisation I had one more day left but due to the fact that had been sick for several days already I didn’t do that much. I went for a walk to find some more geocaches and I wanted to go back to the church as well as I had read that there was a polar bear inside. The first time I went up there I didn’t go inside and didn’t want to repeat that mistake. There actually IS a polar bear inside but the entire church is more like a big living room with coffee and cake waiting for visitors… so here are the last pics from the walk in Longyearbyen (there is a small village close to it that is a 15 minutes walk away and I had wanted to go up there). The last pics are already from the flight home. I was lucky enough to again have 3 seats to myself and since the flight left at 2:30 AM that was nice as I could spread out and sleep a bit.

That memorial is a memory of a local boy who died in the tragic terror attack in Norway in 2011

The old post office (there is a geo-cache hidden below the stairs 😉 ).

Mine 2

Street sign

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  1. Ein schönes Fleckchen Erde hast Du da besucht und uns sehr schöne Fotos mitgebracht! Danke dafür.
    Bin gespannt und freue mich über weitere Fotos von Deinen Urlauben.

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