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Last day in Longyearbyen

When we got back to civilisation I had one more day left but due to the fact that had been sick for several days already I didn’t do that much. I went for a walk to find some more geocaches … Weiterlesen

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Last pics from expedition

Here are the last pics from our days on the boat… glacier, spring and then suddenly snow… several seasons in just one day. Second stay in Barentzburg where lots of vodka was consumed. Not by me since I was sick … Weiterlesen

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Expedition part 2

So, here are some more pics… part 2 of the expedition (more to come). The first ones are from a coal mining village called Svea where usually tourists are not allowed to go on land. And then some more walruses… … Weiterlesen

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Expedition part 1

Here are the first pics from our expedition (it was more a scouting tour since instead of going north for the tour we went south). They are mostly from the best day we had there with the walrusses and beluga … Weiterlesen

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Trip to Barentzburg and Piramiden

These little villages are russian coal mining settlements. While Barentzburg still has an active mine (mostly ucrainians work there), Piramiden is now ghost town. Only 9 people left to live there. On the Piramiden part I met my norvegian friends … Weiterlesen

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Pics from day 1 in the Arctic

Since I don’t have a lot of time I am just uploading the pics here and will comment on everything later…

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Way behind with updates…

This June is a very busy month for me and I am already behind with updates. I went back to Ireland over Pentecost. This time I visited Belfast. Even though I got way too wet I still like Ireland very … Weiterlesen

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