This weekend we went to the Netherlands. Last year I couldn’t take the pics of tulip fields that I had dreamed of so this year I went again. But since there was a flower corso we decided to go and see that too. I can only say that the floats were awesome. Definitely going again! We found a good spot to watch the parade and then we found some nice colourful tulip fields to take pics… Spent saturday evening in Leiden and after another quick stop  at the tulip fields around Keukenhof in Lisse on sunday we went to the Unesco World heritage site in Kinderdijke that hosts very old windmills. Unfortunately for us the Viking-Cruise-ships carried several bus-loads of people there so it was a bit crowded.

The weather this weekend was not optimal but I’d say we could have had it worse. During the parade the sun was shining and the dark grey clouds announcing the rain and the hail made for dramatic lights on some pics. It was VERY cold but I had my warm jacket that I had bought for Norway with me so I was mostly OK… it was a great weekend and I am happy with the pics (the ones below are all like they came out of the cam).

IMG_7331 IMG_7403 IMG_7408 IMG_7412 IMG_7456 IMG_7462 IMG_7483 IMG_7529 IMG_7547 IMG_7580 IMG_7591 IMG_7602 IMG_7611 IMG_7638 IMG_7659 IMG_7710 IMG_7748 IMG_7820 IMG_7855 IMG_7884 IMG_8023 IMG_8038 IMG_8053 IMG_8071 IMG_8143 IMG_8167 IMG_8191 IMG_8219 IMG_8233 IMG_8261 IMG_8280

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  1. Sehr schöne Fotos, liebe Andrea. Und schön farbenfroh. Eine Freude für die geschundene April-Wetter-Seele.
    Es freut mich, dass du Glück mit der Sonne gehabt hast, auch wenn es so kalt war.

  2. Schöne Bilder! Das Wochenend-Wetter war zwar wechselhaft, aber letztlich hatten wir doch ziemlich viel Glück. Der Corso war grandios. Nächstes Mal plane ich anders und schau ihn mir 2mal an.

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