Andenes last day

13/02/2016 0 Von andiline

Our last day in Andenes started good… we all got ready to go in the water and I actually jumped in too. In that instant there were no orcas though and I quickly realized that my drysuit was not dry. So I got out of the water and that was it. The orcas didn’t really cooperate that day and shortly after  midday a big snowstorm came up so we returned to the mainland. I can tell you that the cake in the cafe that afternoon was REALLY good! 😉
In the evening we packed and had the last dinner together. The next morning everything was frozen and when we arrived at the airport someone who was supposed to take a flight 3 hours earlier was still there. Our flight was the only one that left Andenes that day and even in Tromsoe we left later than scheduled. I arrived mostly in time at Duesseldorf and the taxi got me back home before the ice hit the roads that night… 🙂 Even if I still don’t have my underwater-orca pic it was a great week. We had a lot of fun and I think I got some nice pics out of it. I am already thinking about where to go next for the Northern lights but it won’t be Andenes… 😉

On the first pic  I was really unhappy that the camera focussed on the water close to the boat when two humpback whales came up feeding with their mouths open… 🙁

IMG_5322 IMG_5372 IMG_5403 IMG_5423 IMG_5426 IMG_5469 IMG_5493 IMG_5498