Andenes Day 5 – Daylight part

24/01/2016 1 Von andiline

I think Day 5 was the most amazing among several amazing days. First we had once again wonderful colours in the sky, we saw the sun, saw whales, had snow storms in between and all that was much better than the weather forecast had said the week before. I am not going to cover the evening in this entry as that was even more amazing… I will let the pics speak for themselves. And yes, I know there was dirt on the lense. I tried to find it but found out only later that it was not the lense but the camera… it is not visible on all pics… I am just too lazy to remove it. 😉

IMG_4096 IMG_4173 IMG_4216 IMG_4242 IMG_4294 IMG_4301 IMG_4334 IMG_4343 IMG_4458 IMG_4585 IMG_4663 IMG_4718 IMG_4741  IMG_4820 IMG_4854 IMG_4876 IMG_5002