Andenes Day 4 – Whales are back

24/01/2016 0 Von andiline

On day 4 we started out on the west coast and I was finally ready to jump in the water to get my UW-Orca picture. The first group that jumped actually saw a baitball with orcas but that was over rather fast. And then the orcas were gone. We went searching for another baitball but didn’t find any. A real highlight of the day came later though when a group of about 20 finnwhales (that we had seen several times before) came swimming straight on to our boat. Uli jumped in to take pics because finnwhales are very fast and there are not a lot of pictures of them but unfortunately it was already too dark. And then Tobi was able to get close captures of a humpback whale with his drone (I hope the drone can’t smell anything because it was in the middle of a humpback blow – sheesh these blows STINK!!!) and then the whale showed it’s fluke and the drone was right behind it. The whale was next to our boat so we got close shots too. Again we were fascinated by the colours in the sky that day. It was amazing! AAAND for the first time that week we actually saw the sun!

IMG_3585 IMG_3596 IMG_3598 IMG_3824 IMG_3928 IMG_4005 IMG_4021 IMG_4024 IMG_4052 IMG_4057