Andenes Day 3 – No whales….

24/01/2016 0 Von andiline

After having seen a lot of whales the day before on day 3 we were not as lucky. We saw some blow in the distance but no whales close to us. So what do you do when there are no whales? Fishing! I think that was part of dinner that day. 😉 And when we finally got back on land we had a strong snow storm. Soenke, Stefan and myself headed out to take some pics in the snowstorm. The lighthouse is always fascinating even in a snow storm. And so far we could not figure out why some of the street lights in Andenes have blue light…

IMG_3365 IMG_3405 IMG_3414 IMG_3424 IMG_3442 IMG_3452 IMG_3455 IMG_3517 IMG_3531 IMG_3548