Andenes Day 2 – Whales, whales, whales….

18/01/2016 1 Von andiline

We went out early but knew that the sea would be a bit rough. Right out of the port I saw an orca follow us but we had to go out further to see one male orca swimming around a fish trawler. We stayed for photo-session but then went back closer to the shore. In the distance I saw a lot of whale-blows so I know there were a lot of whales around. Unfortunately they are a lot faster than we are with our boat. We saw a few humpbacks and a few orcas but we had an amazingly big group of fin whales. These are the second biggest whales that exist and our group consisted of about 20 animals. They are REALLY fast so we could take some pics while they were swimming away from us. Later we saw them come back and they came right on to our boat. Uli jumped in the water but it was too dark already to get pictures of them. Really a pity because there are not a lot of fin whale pictures.
In addition to the whales nature gave us a lot to look at. We didn’t really see the sun but after sunset it takes about 2 hours till it is really dark. Then there were dark clouds with snow showers in the distance…. amazing views. So all in all it was an amazing day even if we didn’t go in the water because there were no orcas to look at…. 😉

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