Andenes Day 1

17/01/2016 2 Von andiline

We already knew that the forecast for the day was that we wouldn’t go out on the sea by boat because the swell of the waves was still too high from the previous day. So Sven presented us with three options on the evening before. We met as breakfast and Sven presented a 4th option and all of us opted for it. That option was to drive to Friskenes, a little village not too far away, on the chance that we might be able to snorkel with orcas from the beach. We were there – the orcas were not… 😉 Still, we took nice pics and after we had eaten some soup we got the news that there would be humpback whales near the lighthouse in Andenes. So we decided to go there… when we arrived the humpbacks were gone. After that part of the group returned to the hotel while another part when to the snow covered sand dunes on Bleik beach. After dinner we went back to the lighthouse and saw a very thin stripe of Northern lights. But clouds wame up and covered that small stripe so nothing really to write home about….
The day went by fast and it was was typical Andenes day: you never know what to expect so you just go along, plan and adjust the plan again and again and again… 🙂 Makes it rather adventurous. 😉

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