Lichtgestalten 2015

I have several blogs to catch up with the past two weeks… I have a lot of pics of different things as I went to Paris, had a great weekend walking over the christmas markets here in Cologne but the highlight has been the ‚Christmas Light Parade‘ – Lichtgestalten last sunday again. These pics are as they came out of the camera… we watched the parade twice and absolutely loved both times. It is a lot of fun for photographers but our two non-photographers loved it as well. 🙂

IMG_1845 IMG_1875 IMG_1878 IMG_1901 IMG_1910 IMG_1917 IMG_1984 IMG_1994 IMG_2012 IMG_2026 IMG_2036 IMG_2056 IMG_2102 IMG_2111 IMG_2122 IMG_2180 IMG_2218 IMG_2244 IMG_2250 IMG_2274 IMG_2283 IMG_2286 IMG_2318 IMG_2329 IMG_2343 IMG_2350 IMG_2366 IMG_2368 IMG_2380

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1 Response to Lichtgestalten 2015

  1. Katrin sagt:

    Wow !!!
    So schön geworden sind Deine Fotos.
    Es war toll, die Lichtgestalten live gesehen zu haben. Eine einmalige Atmosphäre!

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