Time flies and the first three days of carnival are already mostly over. Two more to go and it is back to work. Here are a few impressions from the last days… You can see some of the traditional costumes (they are basically the same but with different colours) which are imitating the uniforms of the prussian soldiers. Carnival in Cologne has a lot of roots in history, only most people don’t know it. Carnival is something entirely different from just drinking and trying to get laid. For us ‚real kölsche‘ it is about singing and dancing and having fun even with total strangers.
The last three pics are showing ‚Prince‘, ‚Farmer‘ and ‚Virgin‘ who are the rulers of the city during the carnival season. Traditionally the Virgin is always a man…

IMG_7029 IMG_7038 IMG_7077 IMG_7084 IMG_7093 IMG_7198 IMG_7202 IMG_7227 IMG_7228 IMG_7229 IMG_7250 IMG_7266 IMG_7287 IMG_7289 IMG_7293


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