Another try at snorkelling with orcas

05/02/2015 0 Von andiline

The next day was supposed to be much better with not a lot of wind and actually some clear skies. So we got up at 5 AM to leave at 6 AM. It was a bit romantic to be on the ocean with stars looming over us and seeing the northern light. It could have been VERY romantic if I hadn’t been so cold…. I went inside the cabin to warm up but got back outside after 2 or 3 minutes as the hot flashes told me that I would get seasick if I stayed inside. I don’t usually get seasick but the swell from the winds of the day before was a nasty one. So after 2 hours I took meds that took time to show effect though. When we arrived at the island of Senja we found a finn whale (I think). The landscape was beautiful over there but we went to search for whales. Were not lucky… the half-moon rose, afterwards the sun came out… and still not more than the occasional humpback or finnwhale. No orcas. After several hours I was so cold that I doubted I would ever get warm again… 😉
When we finally found a pod of about 8 orcas I was in a serious dilemma because as much as I wanted underwater-orca pics I was just cold… The orcas were not staying long enough in one place to make it worth going in the water so finally nobody went in the water and I didn’t have to decide if going in or not. But that meant as well that I would not have any underwater orca-pics as I knew that the weather forecast for the next day was bad and moreover I would start my way home in the evening. I do have some nice orca-pics from that day though.
When we returned to Andenes we met early for dinner because the northern light forecast had given us a ‚go‘. So we went to Bleik Beach again to take pics there. Activity was low though but I think I got a few nice pics… So here they come – the pics of the day…
IMG_6357 IMG_6395 IMG_6426 IMG_6469 IMG_6511 IMG_6518 IMG_6541 IMG_6605 IMG_6685 IMG_6708 IMG_6756 IMG_6800a IMG_6804a IMG_6810a