Even stormier day…

Another day came and the rest of the group decided to try to go out by boat. But since it was rather dark and with the waves it would have been difficult to take whale-pics I decided to stay on land. So we drove again to Bleik Beach but when we arrived there the snow storm was too strong to get out of the car. At least I could take some pics of the cemetery in the middle of nowhere that I had seen on the way to Bleik Beach. Since it didn’t make sense to take pics on Bleik Beach we continued on the road and found a lake that was rather picturesque… But all in all the light was not very good for taking pics… 🙁IMG_6214 IMG_6225 IMG_6238 IMG_6240 IMG_6250 IMG_6258 IMG_6269 IMG_6279 IMG_6288


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