22/08/2012 0 Von andiline

… last weekend we went to Zeeland (NL) for a weekend of diving. Turned out to be completely different of how we had envisioned it. Starting with having a reservation for september when we had planned a trip for August. This trip showed that if it goes wrong in the first minute a lot of other things go wrong as well. We did have a room for the first night so we didn’t have to go back home immediately. Still… Conny lost her focus light from her UW-photo equipment. The next day Katrin lost her supporting loop and broke part of her regulator as well. It was entirely not as we had thought it would be. Well… I think we learned from it. At least I did… next time I do a reservation whatsoever I will check the DATES! 😉  Enclosed a few impressions from that trip. vorschau8.jpg