Museum time in Cologne…

18/03/2012 0 Von andiline

Last sunday we got a call from my ‚italian brother‘ that he would come to Cologne this weekend. It was something to look forward to since we hadn’t seem him for quite some time. So this morning we went to visit two museums that are rather new and I hadn’t been there myself yet. One is an ethnology museum and I had wanted to go there for a long time… It was VERY interesting but unfortunately it is not allowed to take pictures. It is very inter-active. You can touch things and you get explanations and stuff like that. Very, very interesting and I have to go back when I have more time. Unfortunately one of the security people heard us speak italian and she was italian herself. Antonello and Marie Luise walked on and left me in the hands of the guide… I know her entire life know. 😉 When I was finally able to escape we had to hurry because we still needed to go to another museum that has been built around a small chapel. It looks very basic and irritated me as the content looks like a little bit of everything. Does not look like there is a concept…. Here are a few impressions…

This house is from the ‚Thoraya‘-people in South Sulawesi. They don’t have houses like this in North-Sulawesi where I have been diving twice so far. I really need to stop in South Sulawesi to visit the area where they have these houses.


And this is the other museum….