… seems finally to be around the corner. With the sun shining I am itching to go back in the water and do some diving. It’s been too long… 🙂 But I needed some colour on my baclony too so I bought some spring flowers yesterday and put them out there…. So… happy ‚winter is over‘ everyone… 🙂Read More →

Last sunday we got a call from my ‚italian brother‘ that he would come to Cologne this weekend. It was something to look forward to since we hadn’t seem him for quite some time. So this morning we went to visit two museums that are rather new and I hadn’t been there myself yet. One is an ethnology museum and I had wanted to go there for a long time… It was VERY interesting but unfortunately it is not allowed to take pictures. It is very inter-active. You can touch things and you get explanations and stuff like that. Very, very interesting and I haveRead More →