Pics from the lakes in Cologne

Before I had the time to post UW-pics from the Netherlands I already took new ones. Last weekend was the first time that I took my UW-camera in the german lakes with me. I don’t have a car and normally schlepping around my dive gear with public transportation is heavy enough so I don’t want to carry an additional camera with UW-case and flash. But last weekend Katrin was here and we had a car so…. 🙂

Saturday we went to Krämersee which are two lakes in Monheim, close to Leverkusen. It was amazing to see how much life was in there. Not from fish but of eggs of overwater insects… Here are a few impressions…





Sunday morning we went to FĂĽhlinger See which is in the suburbs of Cologne. It is my ‚home‘ lake and I always meet someone I know… 🙂




It is amazing what you can see down there…. I LOVE it. 🙂

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