Long weekend in Holland

08/08/2011 0 Von andiline

Last weekend I went for a ‚long‘ weekend in the Netherlands. Spent the time with two underwater photographer friends and we had a great time. Weather was better than predicted but unfortunately visbility under water was not that great. We did one dive on friday and then went to the province of Zeeland to take pics over water since the weather was just GREAT. We ended up in Veere, a small village where I had been about 33 years ago but once there I couldn’t really remember anything. Except the ’stadhuis‘ (city hall) that plays a melody every 15 or 30 minutes. Veere is a neat village and we loved it. Here are some impressions from that road trip. Underwater pics will follow.

The dive hotel and the dive site

Dive hotel (left) and dive site (right)


Oosterschelde flood gates


Wind mill at the entrance to Veere


Typical bridge


The Veerse dom


Beautiful small street


Veere in the evening light…

I was glad that I went back to a place that I barely remember… 🙂