Getting ready for vacation… ;-)

03/08/2011 0 Von andiline

I know – I haven’t been very busy on this blog. Sorry about that. Time has gone by in a heartbeat. I have been back to Mexico in May and had a real great time with a lot of friends. Will publish the link to the trip report soon. Life has been good to me. I became aunt of a sweet little girl in december and I to take her pics about every 3 weeks. She has big grey eyes and is a real cutie. It is fun to see her grow but her parents don’t want me to publish her pics on the internet. I will respect that wish.

Other than that I have been on business trips to Zurich and Paris as usual but I try to cut that back. Don’t really want to travel all the time. In the summer I go diving on weekends and I DO like to be at home. 🙂

One more month to go and I will go on my next vacation to Indonesia. First two weeks in Raja Ampat and afterwards I will be back in Sulawesi. Can’t wait. 🙂 Will spend the next weekend with two underwater-photographer friends diving and taking pics in the Netherlands. Will be fun and something I haven’t really done before as I don’t normally dive with other photographers (so I try not to make everyone else wait for me all the time). I promise to TRY to blog more often again…. 😉