16/02/2010 0 Von andiline

Time is flying by. Sometimes I feel like my life is a hurricane… Dallas was great, I had so much fun and was soooo happy to see my friends. Immediately afterwards Paris and when I got back from there I was sick. The first time I had to go home early on a business trip because I was sick. And why was I sick? Because in Paris they seem to have a problem with heating. It just doesn’t work… When I felt better I had to start preparing my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary which was last saturday – during carnival. In between I booked a trip to Stockholm with my bestest friend. We’ll be going for a weekend in July. And I booked my flights to Asia for October. Whenever I had a spare minute I checked out dive resorts in Sulawesi. Unfortunately I had to find out that booking in february for october is already late. Most of the resorts I contacted are already booked out sometime during my stay but I hope that I finally found what I was looking for today.

Last thursday carnival in Cologne started as usual. For me on thursday it was business as usual but on friday some additional tasks for the ‚golden wedding‘ had to be taken care of. Saturday was the big day of my parents. And although they had been complaining about a couple of things they didn’t want us to do they were more than happy when we did them anyway. This morning my mom told me once again that they had the best children one could have… 😉 On saturday we had a service in church where my parents got married – all in local dialect and the guests were in costume. Afterwards a bus  took us to a brewery where we had a party that was a huge success. I hurt all over on sunday… *argh* 😉 Sunday I had only to watch the parade (I was sooooooo tired) and in the evening I had to finish some preparations for my guests on monday. Monday I watched the parade with friends (my bestest friend and her husband) and I was glad that I had some time to chat with them as lately we hadn’t talked that much. No wonder as I am never at home… 🙂

Today I was back at work. Tomorrow we will have the fish dinner for ash wednesday (only I am not eating any fish but something else 😉 ).