Always busy

26/07/2009 0 Von andiline

And another month is gone by… had so many things to do and think about in the past weeks. As soon as I was back from Sardinia I had to go to several birthday parties and other occasions like the ‚Cologne lights‘ (fireworks along the river which is a fun and beautiful event) and had two business trips to Paris and Zurich. The one to Zurich was not so easy as a good friend of mine is very sick and we went to visit him. It was hard. So it was good that we had a dive day scheduled in last sunday as that was VERY relaxing. Never knew that there are THAT many fish in the lake.

Further to that I had to deal with some other stuff like a seam of my wetsuit being open when I came back from Sardinia. Had to bring it back to the shop where I bought it and I think I have a new one now. I’ve been told that in one of the series of that wetsuit there had be a defect in the material and geeeeh, ain’t I the lucky one to buy one of these? 😉 😀

In addition I am still fighting with my underwater equipment. Although the camera-housing had been sent to repair before I went to Sardinia and it had been checked, it was still leaking in Sardinia. Further to that I had lots of problems when using the flash under water and since the pics came out crappy I thought that I was just not good at this. It turns out now though that further to the fact that there seems to be a manufacturing defect in the camera housing, the syncronization cable might be too long so that the communication between camera and flash didn’t work. So might not have been my limited knowledge after all. 🙂  I’ll get a new housing now but I don’t want another one for the same cam since I don’t trust the whole series of that modell (if the housing had a manufacturing defect and they still didn’t find that out till now I guess that the other housings have the same defect too) so I have decided to go up to my favorite cam for under water as well. The housing for the Canon 40D is different and doesn’t have a valve that you could forget to close… 😀 So hopefully I will be able to take the underwater pics that I had been dreaming of in the first place SOOOOONNNNN… 🙂