Carnival is over….

28/02/2009 0 Von andiline

The week before Carnival I went to Paris and took my Lensbaby with me. Paris is a perfect spot to take pics with the Lensbaby. Here is one example:


Had to stay in Paris till thursday but on monday I got a migraine and was rather sick on tuesday so I was very close to going home early.  🙁

Then last weekend we had our Carnival here in Cologne. Lots of things going on as always. 🙂

fc-sonntag1.jpg karn1.jpg

Now my life can go back to normal. Yesterday I got my new underwater housing and I will put it together this weekend and try to get familiar with it. Of course I am very eager to try it out but this will have to wait till april or may. 🙁

Going to Paris again in march but not yet sure when. Will take my cam. I am looking forward to longer days with daylight in Paris so in the evenings I can entertain myself with going in the city and taking pics.