Trip planning….

07/02/2009 1 Von andiline

I’ve been in Zurich for two days this week but wasn’t really happy to have to go there. Even after nearly two months at home (which is the longest stretch of time I’ve been at home over the last 5 years) I am not very keen to travel. I had a day off when I came back which was good since I needed it. I know that I am still sick and although I am able to lead a normal life without any pains I am always very tired. Going to Paris tomorrow and will have a few hours in the afternoon to take pics.

In the past weeks I spent a lot of  time thinking about new underwater equipment. I was not too happy with my old underwater housing and since I made a calculation and found out that the better one together with a wide-angle and macro-attachment costs nearly as much as a housing for my DSLR and the difference in size is minimal as well so in the end I decided to go for a new housing for my Canon 400D. Now I am glad I didn’t have time to sell it last year when I bought the Canon 40D. 🙂  Good thing as well is that I got to know the guy I am buying it from at the ‚Boot‘-fair in Düsseldorf a couple of weeks ago. He sells me the demo-housing he had at the ‚Boot‘ so I get it a little bit cheaper.

And since the new underwater equipment is rather expensive I thought I should use it as much as possible. So further to the dive trip to Egypt in May and the one to Bonaire in November,  yesterday I booked a flight to Sardinia. It will be good to go back ‚home‘. 🙂 Haven’t seen my friends there in two years and wanna go diving there as well. In addition to that I will go diving in the Netherlands this summer. At least once but hopefully twice… 🙂