Not sure what to do….

17/11/2007 0 Von andiline

This morning I finally decided I would make myself an early birthday present and buy a new camera for my underwater pics. I have been thinking about it for weeks and my mind was set on the Canon Powershot G9 because that camera is able to shoot pics in .RAW format. This is important for underwater pics as it is very easy to correct the colours of .RAW pictures. Problem is that I didn’t want to spend so much money so my compromise with myself was not to book Thailand yet.

And then I started to think about not going to Thailand at all but to a place which is cheaper and had fascinated me for quite some time as well: Sulawesi in Indonesia. This is a paradise for underwater photographers and several divers I met on Moorea told me I absolutely needed to go there. So now I am thinking again… the contra-argument against Thailand (further to the financial advantage of Indonesia) is that I’ve already been there and Sulawesi would be a new place I could explore…

Well, I don’t have to decide it right now but I will within the next weeks… first of all I need an underwater case for the new cam… 😉 😀