Sunday morning we got up and had a different breakfast. It had been too much the day before so we had changed our orders. I was not feeling good since I had pain in my neck and I felt like I hadn’t slept at all. So Katrin went diving again alone while I got ready to leave. After she came out of the water it was check-out time and we were just in time. 😉 Our first stop was something very special that I hadn’t know existed in the Netherlands: flamingos. They are there for the winter but I had never heard of that. Katrin knew where they were so we drove over, climbed on the dyke – and there they were. Beautiful animals with big black stripes on their wings. Unfortunately they must have danced through the night because they seemed to be very tired and most of them slept during our entire visit. 😀
On the way there at some point Katrin had told me to look for wild horses. I hadn’t known that those were there either… 😉 Once we got back into the car after our foto-session with the flamingos we decided to not take the highway home but to drive through the villages and see what we find. And indeed what we found first were wild horses. We were lucky that we could get off the main road and park so we could take pictures. We were really happy about that.
Next stop was a little town that looked interesting because while approaching we saw a church with several towers. This made us curious so we entered the village instead of driving around and that was a good decision. We really liked Steenbergen and next time we want to go and spend some more time there.
We stopped once more in a village that I don’t know the name of. And then suddenly we were in Belgium already. Finally we decided to get on the highway and that is what we did. One last stop at a gas station and then I was back home… it was good to get out for three days and we really had a wonderful time. If possible we will do it again next year. Here are the pics…