Day 2 was THE day for me as the weather forecast said that the weather would worsen the next day. So I squeezed in as much as possible. The step calculator says that I walked 15 km. Not sure if that is correct but it sure felt like that. My main goal in the morning was to find a geocache that I had solved with my friends. For that I had to go all the way down to the ‚Grund‘ and then back up on the other side. The cache was in an old tower in the middle of the forrest. I had to go through some blackberry bushes to get to it. But the satisfaction to find it was really great. 🙂 Finishing the path uphill I was rewarded with a beautiful view over to the Old City. So I sat on a bench to just enjoy. This was part of the ruins of an old fort and I was reminded a bit of the Mayan ruins in Quintana Roo so for a bit I could pretend to be in Mexico after all. 😀
Walking from there I got a short glimpse on the Business District with Museums and the Philharmonic. Then I walked over the bridge back over to the other side to relax a bit in my hotel. Later in the afternoon I went for another walk, this time over the bridge next to my hotel. There is a lower part for pedestrians where I was looking for a geocache that I didn’t find. On the other side a lot of construction was going on and that made it difficult to explore.
When I was finally back at my hotel I was too tired to do anything else. I was exhausted but it was a good day.