Yeah, there has been a long dry spell without travelling. I have been at home for 6 months – the longest period for the last 20 years – or something like that. Can’t say I missed a lot though. Last friday I was supposed to fly to Baja California again but of course this didn’t happen. I took two weeks of vacation anyway because I needed a break. An then the talk of borders opening came with the news that travel advisories within Europe would be lifted. This got me thinking that I didn’t really want to spend two weeks vacation entirely at home. I would have had enough things to do but… so I finally decided to book a trip to Luxembourg. I have been only for a day once and didn’t see a lot then because we were visiting friends. So I thought it would be a good occasion to go back, explore more – and I still needed the country souvenir for Luxembourg on my geocaching account. 😉
So I booked the train (1st class 76 Euro is not really a lot) and switched hotels several times but the one I finally stayed at was a very good choice. Modern, in the heart of everything and they were really nice. I think they even upgraded me because I don’t think I booked a big room with balcony and view to the main statue overlooking everything.
Once I arrived I went around to explore. And find the first geocaches. Later that day I went to see my italian brother for dinner and we had a really great time catching up. Here are some impressions from day 1.