On day 3 we went to Sermilik Fjord – the second biggest ice fjord in Greenland. It was pretty impressive. I will show you only a small selection of icebergs (more to come in the next days – haha 😉 ). The others went diving at two of the icebergs and we had a nice lunch next to a glacier tongue. While we were sitting there we heard the ice crack. It is interesting how LOUD it is. I kept thinking that a big chunk must have fallen off but most of the times it were just movements of the ice (I guess the tension broke somehow) and we didn’t see anything falling down or ripples in the water that would have indicated that some ice had just fallen in. We saw two whales in the fjord. The second one was obviously hiding from orcas that had been seen in front of the fjord.
That evening Lady Aurora showed up again but we were all too tired to go out for another foto session.

The pics are in the wrong order but I guess that doesn’t really matter…. 🙂