Mexico City

After leaving La Paz early in the morning I arrived early at my hotel and once again had to wait till check-in time to get access to my room. I spent that in the lobby of my hotel because I had too much carry-on to schlepp it around… my hotel was at the Zocalo and I had a view to the cathedral of Mexico City. The hotel had a rooftop restaurant where I ate most of the time. Although I wasn’t really too happy when over the weekend they had only buffet when I wasn’t that hungry and wanted only something small. They were not flexible so I didn’t eat there. In addition I was sick so I cancelled the excursion I had booked to the pyramids of Teotihuacan :(. After a day I felta bit better so I went on my pre-booked hop-on hop-off tour not knowing that on sundays they are not going the normal way because some streets are closed for bikes. So I went again on monday because I wanted to explore the park of Chapultec – not knowing that like museums it was closed on mondays… I had only two days in DF and my flight left late on monday evening. So I missed out on quite a bit for different reasons.

I know that Mexico DF is not the safest place on earth but I never felt unsafe. From my room I heard way too much noise ( I am used to noise but the cacophonie on saturday evening was unbelievable)… I love Mexico City and I definitely will be back. I loved the entirety of my trip to Mexico but I know that next time I will do a few things differently.  But bottom line: I LOVE Mexico… it is a wonderful, beautiful country.

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