We had another great day the next day but we knew that the sunny weather would not last. So I enjoyed the show mother nature gave us in the sky again. That evening when we went out after dinner (shouldn’t have taken our time and went out earlier) there was something in the sky that looked like…. yes, Mrs. Aurora was showing herself. And not only that – we had a rainbow in front of the northern lights. Don’t think I will ever see this again. The pics of the northern lights were expensive ones for me though as it was still really windy. When I opened my jacket to get the mobile out (to let the tour leaders know that the aurora was dancing) the wind blew over my tripod. The camera survived but my lense didn’t. Fortunately I still had another lense with me but since this was my normal ‚Always on‘-lense I had to buy a new one when I got back home. *sigh* The next day weather was no longer so sunny but still OK. We got some breaching and spyhopping wales – and lots of fun. 😉