When planning the trip I had checked on excursions. The girls initally wanted to go to castles. I came across ‚Aveiro – the portuguese Venice‘. When I googled pics of Aveiro a lot of umbrella pictures turned up. So I investigated and found that these umbrellas are an art installation for three weeks in July. Since that was exactly the time we were there I wrote the girls that I was going to go to Agueda. And they decided to skip the castles and join me So on our last morning in Porto we took the train to Aveiro where we had to change trains to go to Agueda. Walking down to the city center we came through the streets with the balloons. We soooooo loved that. In the city center there were two streets with the colourful umbrellas while another one had transparent umbrellas. There was a lot of additional art installations which is why I have so many pictures. It was much hotter in Agueda as it had been in Porto so finally we walked back towards the train station and took the train to Aveiro. My canadian friend had said that the reviews she had read were all not impressive so we didn’t expect much. And actually we were not really impressed. Just because there is one canal doesn’t mean that this is similar to Venice… by that time we were really hungry and tried to find a restaurant that actually would feed us. But no way at 5 PM…. kitchen was closed everywhere until 7 PM. So we took the train back to Porto and had dinner there before we went back to the hotel to pack as the girls left early the next morning to continue their adventures in Portugal while my flight back home was at noon… here are the pics from my personal highlight in Portugal.