Porto days 3 and 4

Yeah, I know I haven’t been very busy with uploading more pics from my trip to Portugal. Really sorry about that but somehow life got in the way. 😉 Here are days 3 and 4 now. And let me add something else: if you ever consider going to Porto, I can not highly enough recommend the Fine Art Guest house where we stayed. I liked the rooms and the entire guest house anyway but then I realized about 4 weeks after I got home that my bag with the photo-filters was missing. I searched for several days but when they didn’t turn up I sent a mail to the Fine Art Guest house to check if I had somehow left it there. I didn’t have a lot of hope because I knew I had checked my room before leaving. But then – they wrote me back that they had found my bag outside of the guesthouse. And I got the filters back a few days ago. Not only are all of them still in the bag, they are not broken either. Photographers know how expensive this sh… is… so thanks to the guesthouse I don’t have to buy new ones which would have hurt my bank account. Thanks again for keeping them and sending them back to me!
And here are the impressions of two days spent entirely in Porto…

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