Day 4 was another day off. Meaning without excursions. When I woke up it was raining but the forecast said it would stop around 11. So I took it slowly, had breakfast and was surprised when I didn’t get any latte macchiato at the coffee machine. When I asked if the milk was empty the guy told me they were out of milk… weird!!! Especially since there was milk going with grains… anyway… shortly before I was to leave I watched out of the window and saw the rainbow over the Hallgrimskirkja. Since the sky cleared I want back to the Solfar-sculpture but taking pics there without any tourists on it was impossible. I waited a long time but it wasn’t happening. Then I walked on, looking for geo-caches again and ended up in the aurora-center where I heard that the aurora-tours for the night were on. So I went back to the hotel in the afternoon to get some rest because it would be a long night. The tours start at 10 PM and you are back at your hotel around 2 AM. Short night as the next day my tour pick-up was at 8 AM… In between I went to meet some geo-cachers which was fun as well.