Iceland 1

Since it is raining hard this morning I have lots of time to write my first entry. Yesterday I arrived after an uneventful journey at Keflavik airport and there were only scattered clouds. Not what the forecast had said. During the bus ride to Reykjavik (about 50 minutes) the weather got worse altough I could still see some blue sky in the distance. Once checked into my hotel I discovered that I have a room with a wonderful room over Reykjavik. It is a 180° view and in the distance I can see snow covered mountains. The additional plus to this is that during the nights I can check for northern lights from my balcony and don’t have to get dressed to go outside (only to discover that there is nothing to see 😉 ). Since the weather was still basically OK I didn’t unpack but instead went out to discover Reykjavik. First walk was to the waterfront where there is a sculpture walk. The one I really wanted to see is Solfar, a wonderful sculpture that looks like a viking ship. There I found my first geo-cache in Iceland too. 🙂 Then I walked over to the concert hall and then slowly back via the Hallgrimskirkja to the hotel. That was about a 2 h walk. Then I went to the supermarket to get some supplies. Once back I finally unpacked and relaxed a bit. Since I have that cool view from my room later I had this spectacular sunset that I could admire… clouds are not good for northern lights but for sunsets they really make for dramatic skies….
I woke up several times during the night and checked for northern lights but there was nothing green… activity is supposed to pick up today though and if I can believe my app I will have a wonderful aurora tour tonight… 🙂

Here are some pics from yesterday.

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