I went to Paris thinking I could spend my evenings taking pics of the christmas decoration. I should have known better. Ever since May the weather got bad as soon as I arrived in Paris and would clear up only on my departure. This time was not different. Mornings of clear blue skies (when I was working). Lunch break was already grey skies and the evenings were bad. I did manage to get couple of pics on the first evening though. Hope it’ll get better next year… *sigh*Read More →

Well, I am in between trips again. Will not upload any Bonaire pics in this blog, you will find the pics from there (above and under water) on my page http://www.andreaonline.de Took my 7D to Zurich with me and went to take a couple of holiday atmosphere shots after work on wednesday. It is amazing what that camera can do even at ISO 1600… And now I am off again. This time to Paris. But then that’s it for 2009! 🙂Read More →