01/03/2008 0 Von andiline

Yeah, I am here! After about 21 hours of travelling I arrived at the Bayview Park Hotel in Manila. Trip was LOOOONNNGGGG… I had to go the first part by train and hated it. Looks like a surprise that there area actually travellers who have suitcases when taking the train… 🙁

Flight from Frankfurt to Bangkok was uneventful and I got some sleep (but not much). In Bangkok I had to wait 3 hours and since I had to cross the new airport anyway for the nxt gate I could look around. It is VERY Thai and memories of my Thailand-trip two years ago came up. Slept a lot during the remaining 3 hours to Manila. Funny thing at arrival was that at immigration they have a sign saying ‚we are immigration with a smile‘ but all the ladies looked rather grim . 😀

Found the sign with my name immediately, changed money and then we went in search for the car. That was again something new to me: they have waiting areas for pick up which are sorted by inital letter of last name of passenger…. 😉 Haven’t ever seen anything like this before. Don’t think anyody cares though…. 😀

Then one of the first thing I saw was one of the ‚busses‘ (didn’t realize immediately that this is puclib transportation). They look like long jeeps and are coloured all over. Further to that all taxis have the question with ‚what do you think about my drive-style‘ on their back with phone number to call…. AND I should have taken a pic of the first ‚male urinary‘ I saw… 😀 😀 😀

Arrived at the hotel, had a look outside (I do have a view to the South Chinese ocean) and then I crahsed. Felt like someone was sitting on my eyelids and not allowing me to open them again. So I slept for a couple of hours more but since I wanna get directly into the new rhythm I came down for dinner and detected the ‚internet cafe‘-angle of the hotel. Can’t upload any pics here though. So this will have to wait. Further to the few I took in Bangkok I don’t have any so far anyway.

Tomorrow it’s waterfall time and I’ve been told today that I need to pack a second set of clothes…. 😉 I don’t think this is a problem I just need to decide which camera to bring. might be a good idea to test the underwater case…. 🙂